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Inspirational Photos #76-100


sw76:  "Flames, by their very nature, are always reaching upwards.  To empower them further, we need only place appropriate fuel at their fingertips.  Human spirits, by their very nature, reach upwards also, so long as the inner flame continues to burn.  This is the fire by which all can be sustained, nourished, and protected, if we will likewise work to sustain it."         -- Sister Who


sw77:  "I begin with the utensil furthest from the center, as the feast begins, always moving from the outside inward, as one menu item follows another.  How wonderful  that careful preparation has empowered the meal to unfold harmoniously, almost effortlessly--so much so that I might not have even noticed that everything was exactly where I needed, exactly when I needed."       -- Sister Who


sw78:  "When harmony on skis is achieved, all thoughts are left behind and only conditioned responses and vague intentions determine precisely which route across the frozen landscape will now become mine.  As if on winter wings, I soar across the snow.  As the valley rushes toward me, last summer's daunting upward hike is but a weak memory, unable now to slow my pace.  It is no longer I as simply one who wears the skis, for the line between us can no longer be seen, and as the run concludes, I am more than I have ever been."       -- Sister Who


sw79:  "If I do not see both the colors and the shape of whatever I hold in my hand, neither my wisest thoughts nor my fondest intentions will allow me to do my best  with it."       -- Sister Who


sw80 (Spanish Translation):  "En un momento precedente de quietud la acción decisiva más sabia, puede ser encontrado."  -- Sister Who


sw80:  "Within a preceding moment of stillness, the wisest decisive action may be found."    -- Sister Who


sw81:  "Careful consideration of placement, angle, and amount of force come first; when the hammer strikes the nail, the wood will be changed forever."       -- Sister Who


sw82:  "Because of the winding, the rubber band will soon provide the plane's ability to fly." -- Sister Who


sw83:  "It is the vision of what the tree will someday be which gives me the strength and determination to persist in its care."       -- Sister Who


sw84:  "A prayerful pause before planting a seed reminds me of the inescapable interdependence between one living thing and another."       

-- Sister Who


sw85:  "The timing of stillness and motion is sometimes all that distinguishes a moment of triumph from one of regret."       -- Sister Who


sw86:  "Selecting a trail to follow requires careful consideration of available time, strength, and tools, as well as some attention to what lies along the route."       -- Sister Who


sw87:  "I don't know whether I will ever hit the center of the target, but it has never made any sense to aim for anything else."       -- Sister Who


sw88:  "If I myself am to direct the music, then I must both signal to the orchestra that I am ready to begin and also know in which manner and direction I will lead them so that we may create wondrous beauty together."       -- Sister Who


sw89:  "The blend which arises from patience, time, and ingredients offers new ways of savoring each moment and of discovering the wider spectrum of flavors hidden therein."       -- Sister Who


sw90:  "Every act of true theater or genuine worship, is a collaborative act--soul and mind and body and spirit joining with electricity and material to give life to all who have the courage and the gratitude to participate."       

-- Sister Who


sw91:  "In pondering that which I had within my grasp all along, I often find that my journey was  far better equipped than I had previously realized."       -- Sister Who


sw92:  "No day exists in isolation, but rather is both preceded and followed by other days, months, and seasons."     -- Sister Who


sw93:  "No matter the nature or distance, relationships offer questions, answers, and guidance."  -- Sister Who


sw94:  "The wind decides the direction, but I decide my response."       

-- Sister Who


sw95:  "Releasing whatever I can give to meet others' needs, creates room within my life for future blessings."       -- Sister Who


sw96:  "My place within time and space is both dependent upon others and depended upon by others."       -- Sister Who


sw97:  "Every action has both an intention and a consequence."       

-- Sister Who


sw98:  "Doing my work empowers my rest."       -- Sister Who


sw99:  "What can be seen is always affected by what is invisible."       

-- Sister Who


sw100:  "Many pieces must remain in balance, operating in harmony, if I am to ever reach my destination."     -- Sister Who