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Inspirational Photos #101-125


sw101:  "Applying pressure wisely can reveal hidden beauty."  

-- Sister Who


sw102:  "Gratitude within one moment often creates greater possibility within the next."     -- Sister Who


sw103:  "That which adorns each moment has both a story to tell and a gift to give."       -- Sister Who


sw104:  "Sometimes adversarial tension is what makes possible the protection of a sheltering space."   -- Sister Who


sw105:  "The more I observe within the world around me, the more I realize that nothing is truly impossible–if one can effectively respond to the question, 'What would it take?'  Sometimes all I have to do, is to be willing to try."       – Sister Who


sw106:  "Fear must not stop us from opening doors of inquiry, because avoiding all negative possibilities generally also prevents any occurrence of positive possibilities."       – Sister Who


sw107:  "Even if the voice sounds familiar, empowering inquiry directs that I remain open to undiscovered treasures within each and every one."       – Sister Who


sw108:  "Although perception provides an appearance, I must pursue the underlying reasons, if I am to  ever truly understand."       – Sister Who


sw109:  "Differences and changes around us reflect differences and changes within us; inquiry that creates harmony between the two brings our greatest strengths to our present moments."   – Sister Who


sw110:  "What is heard, seen, and felt; where I have been, where I am, and where I am going; and awareness of universes larger and smaller than my own, create the perspective which directs ongoing inquiry and discovery within my life."       – Sister Who


sw111:  "Without an awareness of my environment and context, I cannot even begin to ask where I am or in  which direction I should go."       

– Sister Who


sw112:  "Knowing that all languages are systems of symbols designed to create the understandings of one within the mind of another, ongoing inquiry grants the possibility that I can learn what everyone else knows."       – Sister Who


sw113:  "Specifically because a great many influences and variables exist within specific interactive relationships, ongoing inquiry is essential to the accomplishment of deep understanding."       Sister Who


sw114:  "Only by questioning what is seen, what is unseen, and my own perception as well, can the best choice be made."      – Sister Who


sw115:  "When I realize that the movement of each piece can affect the movements of every piece, I also realize why I must keep asking to understand individual uniqueness."       -- Sister Who


sw116:  "When an unfamiliar perspective obscures the simple truth of what something is, introductions and basic inquiries are definitely in order."       – Sister Who


sw117:  "By continually measuring and asking myself where within time I have been and where my heart and mind will lead me next, I can create the  peripheral vision I need to live fully within the larger universe that is God's gift to me at the beginning of each new day."       – Sister Who


sw118:  "Religion -- encouraging to some, oppressive to others, but nevertheless an expression of the eternal human desire to reach beyond ourselves together.”       -- Sister Who


sw119:  "Spirituality is that relationship with the Divine, which lies beyond human control and  comprehension, yet within the presence of wisdom and love."       -- Sister Who


sw120:  "Truth requires a context, a perceiver, and an application, if it is to avoid being meaningless."   -- Sister Who


sw121:  "Symbolism is a gift of meaning which we give to objects, so that they may empower us to be more fully alive."       -- Sister Who


sw122:  "How incredible that in spite of the existence of millions upon millions of people, none of us have ever seen anything in exactly the same way."       -- Sister Who


sw123:  "Living life passionately never goes unnoticed; Therefore, I will dance, I will sing, and I will shine–to demonstrate in relationship the love, the wisdom, and presence of Godde within this world and to celebrate the divine treasures hidden with me."       – Sister Who


sw124:  "Releasing is not a act of losing something, but rather of reconnecting with something greater than one's self."       – Sister Who


sw125:  "Love is the ultimate force within this universe–opening what will otherwise remain closed, healing what will otherwise remain broken, and empowering what will otherwise be too weak to survive."       – Sister Who