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Inspirational Photos #151-175


sw151:  "Hands and feet moving in harmony can give rhythm to mind and heart, while walking the labyrinth of life."  – Sister Who


sw152:  "Invisible vibration beckons toward invisible awareness."  

– Sister Who


sw153:  "Even in darkness, the heartbeat persists, with meaning and possibility."   – Sister Who


sw154:  "Come to hear my music and begin to know my faith."  

– Sister Who


sw155:  "A tree may become an instrument and a stone a musical string, longing to be touched."   – Sister Who


sw156:  "Smiles can hide within unpretentious and unrefined melody, played with enthusiasm."   – Sister Who


sw157:  "Within both times of peace and times of conflict, music endures–even as life itself."  – Sister Who


sw158:  "Tunes can be found within the tools of one's work."  

– Sister Who


sw159:  "Without the breath of either body or spirit, music silently waits.”

– Sister Who


sw160:  "As long as it has music, life remains sacred."   – Sister Who


sw161:  "If I measure only by the standards which others provide, I might never realize just how very close to the top of the mountain I have already climbed."   – Sister Who


sw162:  "If I measure only by my individual steps, every journey might seem infinitely long."   -- Sister Who


sw163:  "If I measure only by the emotions of those whom I love, my own life might remain unlived."   – Sister Who


sw164:  "If I measure only by current experience, I might forget that other seasons will follow."   – Sister Who


sw165:  "If I measure only by whatever my current vehicle is, my progress might never exceed the corresponding capabilities."   – Sister Who


sw166:  "If I measure only by the journeys and accomplishments of the past, what is unfamiliar might never be attempted."   – Sister Who


sw167:  "If I measure only by the words of others, my own words might never become known."   – Sister Who


sw168:  "If I measure only by the days that are special, the value of those that are ordinary might be overlooked."      – Sister Who


sw169:  "If I measure only by the birthdays that pass, all of the other days might be devalued.  Each and every day can be a celebration of life."  

– Sister Who


sw170:  "If I measure only by the words of my teachers, my understanding might never exceed theirs."   – Sister Who


sw171:  "If I measure only by the efforts which are rewarded, I might fail to notice what I have become by continuing to try."   – Sister Who


sw172:  "If I measure only by the friends and family who are now absent, I might neglect those who are still present with me ."   – Sister Who


sw173:  "If I measure only by what is received, I might forget to give whatever I can and thereby make the world a better place."   – Sister Who


sw174:  "The diverse and contrasting keys must move in harmony in order to create beauty."   – Sister Who


sw175:  "In being different while remaining together, we become more than we individually are."   – Sister Who