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Inspirational Photos #176-200


sw176:  "Awareness embraces vast open spaces while focus embraces immediacy, but both are equally essential to life."   – Sister Who


sw177:  "The experience of aging wisely, most values youthfulness' potential and possibilities for renewal."   – Sister Who


sw178:  "That which is not actually me and that which is, are inescapably interdependent."   – Sister Who


sw179:  "No true competition exists within one example of beauty blossoming next to another."  – Sister Who


sw180:  "Positive interaction with the lives of others rarely comes unless I provide an invitation."  – Sister Who


sw181:  "Within knowing hunger, gratitude can be found--as well as the inspirational love to share whatever one can."   – Sister Who


sw182:  "Challenging though it may be, traveling together provides strength, that traveling alone cannot."       – Sister Who


sw183:  "Colors vary while shapes are analogous, but all possibilities integrated, inspires awe for those with both perseverance and patience."

– Sister Who


sw184:  "All efforts are not equally rewarded, but all rewards are nonetheless reasons for thankfulness."   – Sister Who


sw185:  "The way may be circumstantially constricted, but innumerable blessings on the other side are dependent upon one's active response."   – Sister Who


sw186:  "Appreciation of integrated colors often comes after rather than during the work of diligent fabrication."      – Sister Who


sw187:  "To truly live within any part of the world, one must strive to nurture and defend the right of those within every other part to do the same."  

– Sister Who


sw188:  "In walking where so many others have--but with my own feet, thoughts, and stride--I am part of humanity's march through time."  

-- Sister Who


sw189:  "Even within infinite possibility, love is not automatic, but requires choice."  --  Sister Who


sw190:  "The wind in my sails may next be for others' wings."    

--  Sister Who


sw191:  "The same water flows from the mountain to the sea, touching all lands that lie between."   --  Sister Who


sw192:  "A seed of unknown origin has given a flower along my path."  

-- Sister Who


sw193:  "The sun that warms me has a long list of others upon whom it will shine."   -- Sister Who


sw194:  "Preparations now for challenges later, is thankfulness in action."  -- Sister Who


sw195:  "The moon in the sky seen by any two people on earth, is a point of connection."   -- Sister Who


sw196:  "The oldest trees have birthed and released many generations of leaves."  -- Sister Who


sw197:  "The fruit and the seed complete the circle of life."  

-- Sister Who


sw198:  "I have need not to be the same, but rather to be aware of diverse possibilities."   -- Sister Who


sw199:  "In pausing to love, we remember to live."  

-- Sister Who


sw200:  "It is in finding the courage to reach, that one learns to become."   – Sister Who