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Inspirational Photos #201-225


sw201:  "Because of change, I live where others once did."   – Sister Who


sw202:  "Through wise expression, words transform and empower all subsequent life."   – Sister Who


sw203:  "Love and wisdom cannot thrive where minds are closed, but there is always somewhere higher to go."   – Sister Who


sw204:  "Exploration is always surrounded by life, but often not in the forms one expects."   – Sister Who


sw205:  "Respecting others’ mysteries, can nurture one’s contrasting growth."   Sister Who


sw206:  "Our paths through life are inseparably empowered by other creatures."   – Sister Who


sw207:  "Maintaining health and strength is inseparable from maintaining healthy communal relationships."   – Sister Who


sw208:  "Remembering diversity’s accomplishments, nurtures future ingenuity and collaboration."   – Sister Who


sw209:  "The more one reads, the wider one’s vocabulary of possibilities becomes."   – Sister Who


sw210:  "If darkness remains, so also do innumerable ways to create light."   – Sister Who


sw211:  "Sharing with others multiplies blessings received."  

– Sister Who


sw212:  "Outgrowing the old beckons toward discovery of the new."  

– Sister Who


sw213:  "Each moment of the journey warrants equal scrutiny, specifically because each moment has equal opportunity to be either the last or the beginning of a new experience--regardless of one's origination or intended destination."    -- Sister Who


sw214:  "If I fail to be fully present within each moment of discovery, I will never embrace subsequent moments with all of the treasure that was momentarily available to me."    -- Sister Who


sw215:  "Constructively integrating opposites requires personal investment within the limited space of time that opportunity is within reach."   -- Sister Who


sw216:  "Rules of language, like the skeleton of a body, are meaningless until one uses them to dance one's own unique steps."   -- Sister Who


sw217:  "The circle of life is as much within as it is nearby to us, weaving together contrasts, collaborations, and convergences in order to endlessly continue its growth."   -- Sister Who


sw218:  "Without sacredness--embraced, practiced, chosen, or created--life experience becomes flat and dull, failing to provide the energy that is most essential to true growth."   -- Sister Who


sw219:  "Take note of every perception, while remembering that how much one sees, always depends upon how closely one looks."  

-- Sister Who


sw220:  "We ourselves are each both rainbows and bridges for journeys through time--keeping promises and making possibilities real."    

-- Sister Who


sw221:  "Within the presence of uncertainty, faith is the strength by which the next move through life's winding way is decisively made."  

-- Sister Who


sw222:  "I do not know the storms each one braves while I shine whatever light I've been given to share; I can only hope it is enough to prevent trouble and pain from being impossible to bear."   -- Sister Who


sw223:  "Swirling contrasts of dark and light, stirred by our thoughts, words, and deeds, driving us through seasons of misfortune and blessing--ever onward, ever alive, ever in motion, even while resting still."  

-- Sister Who


sw224:  "If gratitude does not inspire actions of generosity, it is highly questionable whether genuine thankfulness was ever present."  

-- Sister Who


sw225:  "Every space is potentially sacred space for the one whose love and truth extend beyond mere physicality."   -- Sister Who