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     "Sister Who Presents" (preSENTS, as in putting something forth for consideration or display, not PRESents, as in gifts one receives) is an ongoing series of talk shows, the majority of which are approximately one half hour in length and contain discussion of some issue or idea related to life or spirituality in some way.  Some episodes also contain original songs.  Over half of the available episodes are recordings of discussions of issues and ideas between Sister Who and a special guest.  The remaining episodes are usually a solitary reflection by Sister Who upon issues and ideas related to a particular metaphor or a specific topic.


     Exceptions are three hour-long holiday specials and one hour long special episode within which Sister Who interviewed Denver NeVaar.  Additional recordings which were made and placed within a public archive, include a video record of the very first performance of "A Circuitous Journey" at Iliff School of Theology and a video record of the tenth anniversary concert entitled "Ten Years in Golden Hiking Boots."


     Anyone who would like to be a guest within a future episode, offering insights or a particular perspective which seeks to create broader understanding, mutual respect, peacefulness, harmony, personal or spiritual growth, or empowerment, is welcome to contact me to schedule a production session.  The intent is to “scratch the surface” of timeless wisdom.  The character of the show is oriented to personal and spiritual growth with ideological substance and not toward sensationalism, comedy, satire, current events, or commercially or politically oriented personal agendas.  Specifically because many of these shows are
re-cablecast over and over for many years, content must be directed to future generations just as much as to the current one.  

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