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So what exactly are some of the possibilities for direct interaction with Sister Who?


A fresh perspective within Sunday School classes, youth group meetings, both formal and informal congregational gatherings, and any other forum for dialogue. With a masters degree in theological studies, a life-long fascination with symbols and metaphors, a fondness for questions and diversity rather than answers and dogma, and an exceptional ability to evaluate and deconstruct ideology, conversations with Sister Who concerning virtually any spiritual or social dynamic are sure to expand your horizons and get you thinking more deeply.


A demonstration of inclusivity: For those who are exploring their own creativity or uniqueness and wondering just how welcoming of diversity or open-minded your organization or community is, there is little that will prove the point better than including Sister Who as a volunteer staff member at your events (warning: as a twenty-first-century nun, you may find that s/he has an inclination

to work harder than anyone else there). The fundamental purpose of this ministry is to nurture the personal and spiritual growth of others in nearly any way possible (no, I don't do sky-diving). Having Sister Who present may be the ice-breaker that allows others to open up more quickly and participate more fully in whatever is occurring. As an interfaith minister whose masters-level education included pastoral counseling, Sister Who may even be the trusted confidante for whom someone wrestling with a particular private concern is searching.


A performance of one or more liturgical plays, featuring Sister Who, each of which is approximately thirty minutes in length and intersperses musical choruses and challenging conversations designed to inspire personal and spiritual growth through self-reflection and contemplation of complex ideas.  

"A Circuitous Journey" is an award-winning fresh look at interpersonal dynamics and spiritual growth, inspired by the biblical parable of "The Good Samaritan."

“A Sequential Journey” is an exploration of one’s relationships with resources of various kinds, inspired by the biblical parable of “The Talents.”  

“A Surreptitious Journey” is a poignant consideration of beginnings, of giving, and of varying results, inspired by the biblical parable of “The Sower and the Seed.”