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Inspirational Photos 51-60

sw51:  "It is not the objects upon the altar which are sacred, but rather the faith which is thereby remembered specifically to guide each moment of life which follows,  in wisdom and in love."  
-- Sister Who

sw52:  "It is not the smoke from the censer that cleanses any space in which I worship, but rather my prayers which ascend with the smoke, that this space will be thereby prepared and equipped to facilitate an ongoing and empowering dialogue with Godde."  

-- Sister Who

sw53:  "It is not the perfection of performance which creates sacredness, but rather the passions of the heart and mind which provide conviction and confidence to the words and meanings I express."    

-- Sister Who

sw54:  "It is not the drum itself which is sacred, but the ongoing heartbeat of the spirit which can be thereby demonstrated."  --Sister Who

sw55:   "It is neither the stones nor the configuration

which make the walking meditation of the labyrinth sacred, but rather the focus and intention which I place within each step and the divine response of Godde's presence."  -- Sister Who

sw56:  "It is not the answers which impart sacredness, but rather the willingness to embrace deep questions; questions such as, 'Who are You, Godde?' and 'Consequently, who am I?' and to truly live by whatever understanding is thereby informed."  -- Sister Who

sw57:  "It is not the eloquent words of any human language which create sacredness, but rather the peace and love which are thereby expressed and the reality of the Divine which is thereby invoked."  

-- Sister Who

sw58:  "It is not the photographs themselves which are sacred, but rather the awareness of how extensively and especially of how miraculously

life is interconnected."  -- Sister Who

sw59:  "It is not the pumpkin seed itself which is sacred, but rather the divine force of life within this seed (as within any seed) which holds the potential of millions upon millions of future pumpkins, expanding infinitely throughout eternity to feed and nurture countless generations yet to come."  -- Sister Who

sw60:  "It is not the discarded structural forms of living things which are sacred, but rather the whispers of Godde which may yet be found there,

if we will only take a moment to listen."  

-- Sister Who