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Inspirational Photos 71-80

sw71:  "Some vegetables grow on stems, others on vines, and still others as roots beneath the ground.  

If I give to each whatever is needed to grow to the best possible form, I will be nourished as well, when the time for harvest finally arrives."     --Sister Who

sw72:  "In drawing lines in the sand of a Zen garden,

I do not tense my muscles in order to rigidly control them.  Rather, I am seeking to create and to connect an inner experience of peace, wisdom, and harmony

with an outer one (and vice versa as well), so that I am the servant rather than the master of peaceful, wise, and harmonious intent and being-ness

within and all around."  -- Sister Who

sw73:  "With eight wheels, four axles, and two shoes between myself and a potentially painful collision with the pavement, harmony is not optional.  Whenever and wherever harmony is achieved, however, grace and joy follow."  -- Sister Who

sw74:  "Neither the sands within the hourglass nor Time itself are mindful of human impatience, but rather offer us a means by which to coordinate our collaborative efforts toward greater outcomes than any of us could ever manage all alone."  
-- Sister Who

sw75:  "Reading and learning are like inhaling; speaking and acting are like exhaling.  These functions--in harmonious balance--are as essential to the human spirit as they are to the human body, if genuine life is to be sustained."  -- Sister Who

sw76:  "Flames, by their very nature, are always reaching upwards.  To empower them further, we need only place appropriate fuel at their fingertips.  Human spirits, by their very nature, reach upwards also, so long as the inner flame continues to burn.  This is the fire by which all can be sustained, nourished, and protected, if we will likewise

work to sustain it."  -- Sister Who

sw77:  "I begin with the utensil furthest from the center, as the feast begins, always moving from the outside inward, as one menu item follows another.  

How wonderful  that careful preparation has empowered the meal to unfold harmoniously,

almost effortlessly--so much so that I might not

have even noticed that everything was exactly where I needed, exactly when I needed."  

-- Sister Who

sw78:       "When harmony on skis is achieved, all thoughts are left behind and only conditioned responses and vague intentions determine precisely which route across the frozen landscape will now become mine.  As if on winter wings, I soar across the snow.  As the valley rushes toward me, last summer's daunting upward hike is but a weak memory, unable now to slow my pace.  It is no longer I as simply one wears the skis, for the line between us can no longer be seen, and as the run concludes, I am more than I have ever been."  -- Sister Who

sw79:  "If I do not see both the colors and the shape

of whatever I hold in my hand, neither my wisest thoughts nor my fondest intentions will allow me to do my best with it."  -- Sister Who

sw80:  "Within a preceding moment of stillness the wisest decisive action may be found."  

-- Sister Who