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"Sister Who Presents," Holiday Specials, and Others:   
The First Season of Production


Episode 1:    Finding goodness and perhaps whispers of God within small things, unusual things, and even ourselves.   


Episode 2:    Ways of putting love and understanding into relationships.


Episode 3:    Moving from love and understanding into ways of relating which help to heal the brokenness so common within the collective and individual humanity of our world.


Episode 4:    Bold acknowledgements of    some realities of the world in which we live and ideals to which we can aspire, encouraging a more conscious and    loving relationship to life's continuing yet mostly unpredictable unfolding.


Episode 5:    Reflections upon opportunities, means, rewards, and costs of living with integrity.


Episode 6:    Perspectives and possible understandings of the Divine.


Episode 7:    Integrating daily life and spirituality.


Episode 8:    Coming to terms with the diverse experiences, feelings, perceptions, and relationships of the self.


Episode 9:    Dynamics of personal and communal survival and growth.


Episode 10:    Consideration of the care of the soul, when forms of spirituality are less conventional.


Episode 11:    Infinite spectrums of future possibility within the persons and things which any present moment might contain.


Episode 12:    Some insights on people with disabilities.


Episode 13:    Belief systems and some of their societal implications and effects.


Episode 14:    Creating friendship and collaboration by understanding symbols and perspectives different from one's own.


Episode 15:    Valuing one's voice and one's truth within a diverse and sometimes competitive world.


Episode 16:    Discussion of societal treatment of the elderly.


Episode 17:    Some truths of families within which the adults are gay or lesbian.


Episode 18:    Perspectives and insights of being both elderly and gay.


Episode 19:    Beginning to understand the historical phenomenon of the Spanish Inquisition.


Episode 20:    Diversity within minorities, in spite of which    both individuality and commonality within humanity continue.


Episode 21:    Some general comments on transgender people and their unique life experiences, challenges, and paths.


The Sister Who Christmas Special:    Personal stories, familiar as well as original songs, and a recognition of the unexpected extended family with which God blesses each one of us from time to time, combine to create inclusive and enduring reasons to celebrate this special season of the year in whichever way (or ways) one may choose to do so.


Episode 22:    Metaphysics in relation to the experiences and general reality of gay or lesbian people, which may offer insights for everyone else as well.


Episode 23:    Perspectives and strategies for effective relationships with loved ones, societal communities, and God.


Episode 24:    Some thoughts regarding the various forms and expressions that relationship between humanity and God may take.


Episode 25:    Implications and possibilities of God's gift of individuality.


Episode 26:    Embracing what may seem negative and uncomfortable toward an ultimately positive outcome.


Episode 27:    Coming to terms with life's difficult moments and experiences and breaking the cycle of brokenness.