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"Sister Who Presents," Holiday Specials, and Others:   
The Fourth Season of Production


Episode 83:    Acknowledging and responding with love to ways that all individuals within humanity are interconnected and interrelated.


Episode 84:    Religious vocations as timeless and essential elements within human societies.


Episode 85:    Pursuing emotional wholeness within the diversity of life experience by the healthy integration of contrasts.


Episode 86:    Insights and perspectives regarding sacred dance.


Episode 87:    Considering a basic level of personhood and interpersonal dynamics as foundational to spiritual and societal interaction.


Episode 88:    Economic and societal challenges and rewards of operating a supply of alternative spirituality resources.


Episode 89:    Moderately early stages and insights of a transgender personal journey.


Episode 90:    Contemplating deeper meanings and forms of forgiveness and the application of these to ongoing life experiences.


Episode 91:    One perspective and some basic understandings of "multi-dimensional perception."


Episode 92:    Insights and potential benefits of touch therapy and aroma therapy.


Episode 93:    Some perspectives and insights on astrology.


Episode 94:    Insights on alternative holistic therapies.


Episode 95:    Alternative perspectives and insights on astrology.


Episode 96:    Hypnotherapy, psychological denial, and personal growth:    definitions and understanding.


Episode 97:    Hypnotherapy, psychological denial, and personal growth:    possible applications and approaches to actual use.


Episode 98:    Economic issues in relation to personal identity and personal growth.


Episode 99:    Maintaining awareness and connection with life, even as we experience and travel its myriad of diverse moments.


Episode 100:    Celebration    of one hundred episodes and the people and events that made such an accomplishment possible.


Episode 101:    Further along on the journey of a transgender person.


Episode 102:    Dangerous issues and implications potentially arising from prosperity.


Episode 103:    Distinguishing "making a living" from "making a life" and some thoughts about what goes into truly making a life.


Episode 104:    Essential oils, aromatherapy, and alternative ways of maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional health.


Episode 105:    Political activism and social consciousness in relation to one's self.


Episode 106:    Defining, understanding, and experiencing sacred spaces in ways that are potentially empowering.


Episode 107:    Integrating anomalous, incongruous, and even specifically difficult elements and moments of life into an empowering wholeness.


The Sister Who Holiday Special:    Exchanging and interweaving insights, poems, songs, and information of a variety of religious and spiritual paths and ways to understand and celebrate the December holiday season.    Concluding with a candlelight vigil for peace and an audience sing-along of "a song written specifically for the occasion, Light That is Love."


Episode 109:    A discussion with Jean Decker of metaphors of quilts and quilting.