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2 options are available:


     1) Through https://thedigitalgryphon.com/, it is possible to order both one or more of the albums featured below along with The Tarot of Sister Who.


     2)  A donation for $15.00 (including shipping) per album can be sent, using the “Donations” link of this website, followed by an email to dn@SisterWho.com, instructing  which album(s) are requested and to what address the order should be sent.


     Questions, concerns, or comments may also be sent to dn@SisterWho.com.  


     Thank you for supporting the ongoing ministry of Sister Who by purchasing these recordings.


"My Soul Knows its Face"

1. My Soul Knows its Face

2.  I Am Who I Am

3.  This is My Face

4.  Mountain Path

5.  Take My Hand

6.  Someone Beautiful

7.  Eternal Love

8.  Finding My Way

9.  Cathedral of the Heart

10.  It had Just Better Hurt

11.  Because of You

12.  I Call You My Friend

13.  In the Place of Thorns

14.  Remember Today

15.  Casting My Prayers

16.  The Blessing of Sister Who

17.  How Shall We Have Christmas

18.  Light That is Love



1.   The Blessing of Sister Who

2.  Can I Trust

3.  Next Year

4.  Love That Sees Me Through

5.  Lily

6.  A Hundred Different Reasons

7.  Bless Us

8.  God, Please Deliver Me

9.  Blessing and Protection

10.  Namaste

11.  Hold Me in Your Arms Tonight

12.  Holy Mystery

13.  Faithful Foundation

14.  Flowers

15.  Sacred Dreams

16.  The Benediction of Sister Who


"Along the Way"

1.  Joy

2.  My Father is Wisdom, My Mother is Love

3.  Dolphin

4.  Caterpillar Dreams

5.  Love Flows On

6.  Heaven Surrounds Us All

7.  The Sacred Clown Dance

8.  The Unseen Child

9.  Let Me be Your Love

10.  Emmanuel

11.  Say I Love You

12.  Limited Limitlessness

13.  Waiting for Love

14.  Along the Way


“Stones and Seeds”

1.  Stones into Earth

2.  Remembering Wisdom

3.  Hidden Treasures

4.  Elemental Invocation

5.  Gareth

6.  Rituals

7.  The Blessing of Sister Who [in four languages]

8.  Whispers to the Heart

9.  Wisdom my Vision

10.  Without

11.  Sleep and Dream, my Love

12.  Meager Resources

13.  Seeds in the Wind